I have completed the course and passed the quiz, now where is my certificate?

In order to activate your online certificate, you must select “Mark this Unit Complete” at the end of the training unit before proceeding to take the quiz and finish the course.


After you have completed all of the units and quizzes, select “Finish Course.”



On the next screen you will be able to view and print your certificate:




If you need to log back in to access your certificate, click the drop down menu on your name and select “view profile.”



On the next screen select the course certificate listed under “Certifications” to access a printable .pdf copy of your certificate.



PRINTING CERTIFICATE: Your course certificate should display on the screen with two icons to the right.
a. Click the printer icon to bring up your computers print dialog box.
b. Click on the page icon to open the certificate as a pdf image in a new window that you can then save
to your computer by selecting “Save As” from your browser’s File menu.



October 21, 2016
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